Aries Cosmic Candle

Our Cosmic Collection features twelve designs corresponding to the varied signs of the zodiac.  Each candle is scented with a custom blended fragrance to appeal to the unique attributes of its astrological element. We then garnish them with solar-charged zodiac crystals to further elevate the celebration (or meditative process)!These 100% soy wax candles contain non-toxic fragrance and cotton wicks. They have been hand poured into reusable glass jars (your choice of 9oz or 16oz) with gold lids.Aries candles are scented with Fire- a sweet & sultry base of amber with top notes of smokey clove and sandalwood. This scent truly encapsulates the complexity of these fiery personalities!  Each candle is then sprinkled with garnet crystals to further honor these assertive & pioneering spirits.

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